I’m fat
Im fat
New photo 2912

New photo 2912

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i’m going to message all of you.

I have :(

Love this

Love this

Pro-Ana Expectation vs. Eating Disordered Reality
Expectation: Wake up one day, weigh yourself, and feel extremely happy, accomplished, and satisfied because you hit your "UGW"!
Reality: Wake up, weigh yourself, see that you are now ten pounds less than your original "UGW" and cry because you still see yourself as fat.
Expectation: You will be beautiful, thin, and look like a model naturally.
Reality: You might be thin, your hair will fall out by the handful, your skin will be dry, and your nails will be chipping.
Expectation: You will feel strong and in control when you walk past the kitchen and say "no" to food and "yes" to "Ana".
Reality: You will sit in front of a miniscule amount of food, on the brink of passing out for hours and hours debating whether or not to eat it. Crying, feeling weak, and in fact very out control.
Expectation: All the boys will want you and you will be the skinny friend.
Reality: You will lock yourself in your house and ostracize yourself from society. You will have no friends to be skinny in comparison to and you won't care if the boys want you or not.
Expectation: You will be perfect.
Reality: You will be far from perfect. You will become a number: your weight, your BMI, number of servings, grams of this, ounces of that, number of cups, amount of tablespoons and teaspoons, calories, hours until next allowed "meal", inches, centimeters, pounds, kilos, dress size, pant size. You will be obsessed with the unattainable: happiness and satisfaction.

I’m still not doing well I’m fatter than ever :(